Exposição/Exhibition Impressions of Camellia and Lemon / Impressões de Camélia e Limão. Paço dos Duques de Bragança, Guimarães, Portugal. 

Inauguracão/Opening,  Sábado/Saturday,  24 de Fevereiro/February  17:30h

The «Impressions of Camellia and Lemon» series is a deeply reflective visual exploration on nature, childhood, beauty, and origin stories/memories.

The personal connection to camellias and lemons, is linked to memories of my childhood garden, being a source of inspiration. These plants symbolize cultural migrations and ancient histories, reflecting the interest of ancestral origins in the Middle East (Syria) and back to the Orient (China and Japan). The series also delves into emotional symbols of love, sorrow, abundance, survival, resilience, hope, and beauty.
This project combines a historical/conceptual dimension with an emotional/poetical dimension, constructing an autobiographical narrative. It contemplates the experience of time, exploring suspended time, «in-between» moments, and a voyage through time, transcending the boundaries of past and future. Time is portrayed as a contextual illusion. This series was conceived from 2018 until now.