“Impressions on Nature”- Paintings by Isabel Pavão, exhibition at the United Nations, New York, July 22 to August 2, 2024

Included in the show, are: “Ten Impressions of Rose and Sea” a collaboration with poet Nuno Júdice, the title for his poems is the one chosen also for this specific group of paintings. This work was created in 2015 and a book was published in 2016, by Pagine d’Arte in portuguese/english/french. 

We agreed as a method that I created 10 paintings and he created 10 poems as a response to my artwork, originating an open-ended dialog between poetry and painting, creating new dimensions of meaning and experience. This is also a tribute to the late Nuno Júdice, whose recent untimely passing has left a void in the world of letters. In memoriam, this exhibition serves as a testament to Júdice’s enduring legacy, celebrating his contributions to the realms of poetry and artistic collaboration.

“Snow Studies – Atmospheres” – Impressions series, 2004 -2024, two paintings included in this show, are a reflection on the beauty and poetic nature of winter with the nostalgic feeling of seasons. With the underlying desire of sustainability and changing weather patterns. Symbolism and meaning, nature and sustainability, and our perception of time are all themes that inspired the artwork in this exhibition.

This exhibition is in the context of the celebration of 500 years of Camoes with the patronage of the Embassy of Portugal to the United Nations in New York, The Consulate General of Portugal in New York and Camões Institute.